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July 13, 2011

Google Plus Tips – Google Plus Circles

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What Is Google Plus? In addition Google Plus is the new social media, the gaps that other social media platforms have not or have not produced very well try to fill. In addition Google is an entirely new concept of Google. He has some new features that should be in social networks. The concept of Google Plus-dependent total of circles. Groups play an important role in Google Profile Plus. Also Google and function of the circle can only be a solution, expected to be more social media users.

Google Plus Circle

circlesCircles the top function is the most interesting in as Google. Google allows all kinds of relationships in circles more. You can have any number of channels you want.

Google + circles according to social projects, including users can selectively share with specific groups within their personal networks, rather than sharing with all their social connections simultaneously.

You can sort the people in the districts, for example, you can create your own circle of friends to create the office of friends, family, etc. Each group will be identified with animage. The focus of the function of the circle is not to share ground floor with a group offriends, but selectively divisible exchange with your various social groups. Circles will fixmany problems of social networking that comes from a lack of groups. All contacts will be in social circles.

HTML5 function allows users to drag and drop their friends in different social circles,easily. Users can take groups of friends in and out of these groups easily. You can see adifferent nature as a cloud of smoke appears and -1 an animation when you delete a friend. If you delete a social circle, it rolls away from the screen. More Google, Googlewill scan your contact list and e-mail contacts and Android recommend you follow. You can follow celebrities More Google. Search the names of celebrities and paste it intothe circle you want.

The fact that different groups, you can give the circle you want to track. You can meetcertain circle you want.

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