Coming Soon! Google+ Application for iPhone and iPad

July 16, 2011

Google Plus News – Google Plus Application for iPhone and iPad

Social networking battle occur not only between providers and mobile platforms. The more convenient to offer, more users and potential customers for sure. This is after a few days Google Plus opened an experiment, both the Android and iOS have since released a special application for this newest social network.

In the previous article, I wrote about Google Plus application for Android and how to deploy this handy software with its own device wherever you are. Here is joy for Apple ‘s fan who give their hearts to hand Google Plus. Finally, Apple has summited approve the request to Google Plus Ios.

According to a recent survey conducted and published by Thenextweb, at least 2 / 3 users to the same question was whether to leave Facebook and Google to choose +, instead of answering to do.
Although Google + is still the experiment with somewhat poor performance, will surely become a direct competitor to arch Facebook. I’m very excited, and interactive with friends and relatives there. Moreover, Google + also allows users to harness more easily thanks to the superiority of smartphone and high speed mobile connectivity. Just get the appropriate application for your device and start connecting with others. I’m waiting for a Blackberry one next time.

In the case of Google + application for iPhone and iPad, we all know after the presentation of the software on Apple App, Google has to wait for approval from Apple.

It is not difficult to guess if Apple will respond with a nod or not. Since there is no reason to refuse a nice offer from arch rival Google, maybe Apple will allow Google Plus for iPad make its debut on the Apple App in a few weeks ahead.
We will cover more story about Google + some next issue as it is very hot indeed, especially a specific application for the iPhone and iPad and when it becomes available.

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