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October 5, 2011

Google Plus Tips – The Complete Google Plus Cheat Sheet and Short Code

google plus cheat sheet

Exploring Google+ brings us so many new things that newcomers will likely be bowled over with just what they are able to do. Of course, most know that Google Plus has features that are very useful for maintaining a busy social life, but many are unaware that Google has a cheat sheet with the potential to make the whole thing even simpler and easier to access.

The Google+ Cheat Sheet enables any user to bring a further dynamic to the already incredibly useful and versatile Google Plus service. In this document, I present to you the complete Cheet Sheet which you can use to explore Google Plus deeper and with far greater ease.

Google+ Cheat Sheet

1. Google Plus Shortcuts

  • Space = Scroll down Stream
  • Shift Space = Scroll up Stream
  • J = Single post down scroll
  • K = Single Post up scroll
  • Return = Start Comment
  • Tab,Return = End Comment

2. You can format your text on Huddle and comments

  • Bold – Use astrix symbol on both sides of the word to Bold it
  • Example *Google Plus Huddle* = Google Plus Huddle
  • Italics – Use underscore on either side of the word to Italicize it
  • Example _Google Plus Stream_ = Google Plus Stream
  • Strike-through – Use hyphen on either side of the word to strike it

3. You can add photos, videos, and links by dragging them to your share box

4. You can tag people on your post update by adding ‘+’ or ‘@’ before their name.

5. Your updates are sent to them if they follow your Circles –  Circles being like “following people” on Twitter

6. Send private messages to specific recipients only by sharing the post with that person

7. You can disable commenting and re-sharing for each of your posts.To prevent people from sharing your post, click the arrow at the top-right of the post and choose “Disable Re-share”

8. Click on the time-stamp of the post to get the permalink of that particular post

9. Clicking the +1 button on a post is the same as “Like” on Facebook. Clicking the +1 button again will remove your +1

10. Using +1 on a post will not list the post on your +1 page. Using +1 on the web will

To find out more about the Google Plus Cheat Sheet, you can see the chart below made ​​by Simon Laustsen.

google plus short code


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