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July 13, 2011

GPlusTips.Net – First Impression Of Google Plus

Google has Google Plus to beat Facebook. It is Google is a huge social network, with a core of social and a new navigation bar that includes the common use in each product of Google.

google plus project

Here are some first impression of google plus which tested by Ben Parr on :

  • Design: Aesthetically, it’s all Google – minimalist with lots of white space. Nobody will complain about the design, but no one will cry about it, either.
  • Usability: Google + is not overwhelmed by its many functions. It is easy to navigate and their symbols speak for themselves. After exploring a few minutes, I get the hang of.
  • Google + Stream: The core of Google + is the stream that brings something new to the table. There is a lot like Buzz or the Facebook News Feed.
  • Google + Circles: Circles is implemented well. It is much simpler than setting up a Twitter list, or a Facebook Friend List. The drag-and-drop functionality is a welcome addition, and the cute little animations when you enter promotions seem to lead to the product personality. This does not necessarily take the user at the time, create friend groups.
  • Google + Profiles: Profiles + Google essentially connecting the existing data on your Google profile. There is nothing special about Google + profiles, not yet. One of the nice things is that it can include a tab feature, where users from their content or their Buzz Google Add one s. This feature is already on Google Profiles, but we are betting on developers can tabs to Google Profiles add in the future, customization and personalization of profiles.
  • Google + meeting: meeting places is one of the most innovative concepts from Google +, and we think it is about to take a cool approach to get users to the group video chat. The camera switching function (it does, who in front of the camera who’s talking) is far superior to open multiple video feeds simultaneously. That is, it will allow users to check their Google + streams days for each potential join chats. + If Google gains traction, will be meeting a killer feature.
  • Google + Sparks: Sparks until the end of May + Google ‘s most underrated feature. The company has essentially called a recommendation engine without it created one. It is designed to expand Google +, and if it develops as Google, it works, it will create winners and losers in the publishing world, so that really matter to us a key. Previously, it reality, however, needs traction and it should acquire advanced content recommendation technology from a company like Trapit or my6sense.
  • Google + Photos: The photo editor is essentially Facebook photos, but with an image editing program. It is organized well and quickly, making it a welcome addition to Google +. It should take a cue from Instagram and create easy opportunities to take pictures more “artistic” and personalized.
  • Mobile: The mobile version of Google + is really simple, what a first release in order. It only has two unique features: instant photo uploads, and Google + Huddle. Instant photo uploads is a cool idea, but we’ll take care of auto-upload all our photos for security reasons. We can see some users are not happy about the automatic uploads, even if the albums are uploaded they are private. This could potentially create a lot of “garbage”.
  • Google + Huddle: Huddle is created basically a group-SMS function for the circles. It makes sense, as a product, but it’s not terribly exciting. I’ll stick with GroupMe now.
Conclusion: Google + is a bold and dramatic attempt at social. There is a reason why Google calls this “project” rather than “product” – they do not want people to think of this as the final product, but as a constantly evolving entity that permeates every corner of the Google empire.

All in all, Google + solid. But I will not call him a murderer or a Facebook game-changer.The last Google product I was told that the ill-fated Buzz Google. Perhaps this is why Google is slowly rolling over the call, the same style of Gmail used to free the world.

If Google can convince customers to come back every day, it is a winner. But the company will have to do more to ensure a truly compelling alternative to Facebook. At this point, Google + can not compete with the king of social, but Google does not seem to be in a hurry to take the giant Mark Zuckerberg is quite another.


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