Facebook Banned User Account for Inviting People to Google Plus

July 20, 2011

Google Plus News – Facebook Banned User Account for Inviting People to Google Plus

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The war between the social networks Facebook and Google plus go to the next level. The Facebook administration has blocked the chrome extension for the import the contacts of your friends on Facebook to Google+, and now Facebook also banned ads related to google plus.

Programmer Michael Lee Johnson has decided to increase its presence in the Google +, probably because of professional considerations. He created and published an ad on Facebook. The title was simple: “Add to Google + Michael” The text says: “. If you’re lucky enough to have an account on Google +, add the Michael Lee Johnson, an Internet geek, software developer and technical virtuosity. “

What was the response from Facebook? The administration does not simply prohibit the display, but went much further – removed all other relative ads and deactivated Johnson’s account, accusing him in violation of the rules of advertising. What exactly he was injured is usually not specified. Perhaps it is this paragraph: “We can display any discussion at any time for any reason, including those that advertise competing products or services, or harm our business or our relationship with users.”

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